Pilgrimage to Pentecost—Day 22: May 3


Third Badge: St. Cutherbert’s

As pilgrims made their way through the land, they often recorded their progress and memorialized their experience by collecting badges or markers. These would be presented at the final destination as evidence of their journey for a final token or certificate of completion. Along our Pilgrimage to Pentecost, we will recognize our progress with many of the christian pilgrim trails walked through history and today.

The third milestone in our journey points us to St. Cutherbert’s Trail. This relatively new pilgrimage trail begins in Melrose Scotland, near the monastery where St. Cuthbert was ordained to the priesthood in the early 7th century and meanders through small villages along the border between Scotland and England. The journey ends when a low tide of the North Sea allows you to walk the sand floor to Lindisfarne, or the Holy Island, where he served as Bishop. Cuthbert and his followers introduced Christianity to the Celts with only the Gospel of John and the psalms Cuthbert sang. Consider what stories you might tell if you were introducing Jesus and your faith to others.

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May 3, 2020

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