October 26—Gratitude Daily Devotional


Maria Fowkes

Amid the blessings I’m thankful for everyday health, a loyal steady partner, 3 beautiful children, I am also so grateful for my dog.

She is big, brown, and shaggy. Just looking at her brings me joy…her scruffy face reminds one of a wise old man with her beard and impossibly long eyebrows. Her sweet gentle nature rests in her face as she looks at me or patiently waits for her walk.

She’s getting old now, almost 12. So she lies down most of the day resting her head. But she’ll mosey over to me if I’m sitting down and nudge me for a scratch and pat.  She used to follow me around all day which I adored.  She doesn’t do that as much because of her age, but when she does I’ll open the bathroom door and there she’ll be on her bed as though she’s been there all day.

I love that. The being with me.

Let Us Pray:

Almighty God, Your greatness
flows in all living things.
We thank you for our lovely pets
who gives us joy and a reason to smile.
How much we love their company,
particularly in these hard times.
We are so grateful for their love,
companionship and steadiness.

Perhaps you can list 2–3 things, people, or aspects
of your life for which you are thankful today.

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Posted on October 26, 2020

October 26, 2020

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