October 24—Gratitude Daily Devotional



As you look at your life, noticing that for which you are grateful, how has your list grown?

Monday: Sallie and Ralph draw strength and encouragement from faith community.

Tuesday:  A guest appearance from Willie Nelson described how his world turned upside down when counting blessings.

Wednesday:  Jeanne Johnson wrote of memories of learning about Jesus from Muscatine, Iowa.

Thursday:  Joan O’Neill of her father’s last Thanksgiving and the blessing she feels from his legacy.

Friday:  John Hales did not venture far to see God’s blessings descend to his yard.

Let Us Pray:

Dear God,
thank you for the way
you surround us from
our earliest days and
in such myriad ways
we often overlook.

Perhaps you can list 2–3 things, people, or aspects
of your life for which you are thankful today.

Be a writer for gratitude: Kenilworth Union Church invites you to become part of a gratitude journey, diverse members within the church will author these devotions. Find out more here.

Posted on October 24, 2020

October 24, 2020

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