October 15—Gratitude Daily Devotional


Don Farnsworth

A couple of weeks ago a friend of ours of +30 years passed—additionally her son and my son’s faithful childhood friend also passed. This seems as though a strange devotion. But we were truly blessed with the kindness showed to us from other life long friends. Some of these friends were absent in our lives—we thought. As we planned the funerals, these friends were there to support us with love and compassion. God has filled each of us with these traits. May we use them often!

Let Us Pray:

Dear God
Through sadness and joy,
sickness and health,
you are with us and
will comfort us.
We thank you for your love.
In Jesus name,

Perhaps you can list 2–3 things, people, or aspects
of your life for which you are thankful today.

Be a writer for gratitude: Kenilworth Union Church invites you to become part of a gratitude journey, diverse members within the church will author these devotions. Find out more here.

Posted on October 15, 2020

October 15, 2020

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