October 10—Gratitude Daily Devotional



If you are keeping track of your gratitude list, notice how the elements shift with the season.  Be ever mindful of the mundane as well as the ethereal.

Monday: Thank God for the gift of ideas and speech.

Tuesday: Relationships create the fullness to know ourselves and God.

Wednesday: Gardens create new sense of wonder each day with wildlife and memories.

Thursday: Simple gifts of apple picking delight all of our senses and restore tradition in a time too disrupted.

Friday: Difficult times, however much we would like to avoid, often provide the growth and awareness of our strengths.

Let Us Pray:

Dear God,
Blessing upon blessings
fill our lives.
“Thank you” can never
be enough and yet we
begin and end with gratitude
in the hopes that our lives
become blessings to others.

Perhaps you can list 2–3 things, people, or aspects
of your life for which you are thankful today.

Be a writer for gratitude: Kenilworth Union Church invites you to become part of a gratitude journey, diverse members within the church will author these devotions. Find out more here.

Posted on October 10, 2020

October 10, 2020

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