My Neighbor’s Prayer:
The Vocabulary of Blessing as Common Bond

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The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

We seek the intimacy of the divine in our own lives, instinctively navigating the grammar of the Christian faith in order to find sacred belonging. Yet, there is always an echo. The prayers of the global community rise up as a melody that buoys our sacred song. Somewhere beyond the spiritual places we call home, the prayers of our neighbors make their way into our hearts.

I am feeling called toward the neighbors who make synagogues, temples, mosques and shrines their spiritual home. How might our neighbors’ prayers help us to pray? What might the prayers and blessings from beyond the Christian tradition show us about our own divine connection? This New Year’s devotional will focus on prayers from world religious traditions across time and place.

Neighbors matter. We continue to live in a global pandemic. The health of someone thousands of miles away matters. Our economies are entangled, supply chains tethered. Our very planet’s survival depends upon our collective action. Opening ourselves to the prayers of our global neighbors has the capacity to change us and our way of being (and praying) in the world.

As always, I treasure your presence on this journey of prayer. Thank you for letting me into your inbox every day, and for praying along with me. May we be transformed.

December 28, 2021

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