May 2018 Youth Update

By Silvi Pirn

May is the last month of our program year—but there is still plenty going on with KUC Youth!

  • Youth Sunday is May 20. Come listen to the Senior Sermons by this year’s high school seniors.
  • The IMPACT high school mission team is making its final preparations for the two mission trips this June and wrapped up its Sunday evening meetings with a final small group discussion of this year’s theme:
  • The IMPACT Junior Board designed sweatshirts, which they are planning to wear on youth Sunday.
  • The mission trip leader team of 21 Adults and 10 College students had its first group meeting on May 10, with remote participation by the Zoom app by leaders in Michigan and Colorado!
  • Wednesday Youth Groups had more fun in May. MSYGers—those in grades 5–6 celebrated its first-ever “Chicken Day” featuring chicken-themed games and…Chris Johnson dressed as a Chicken!  7th and 8th graders played cool games like Grog and Night at the Museum and spent candle time talking about things like “Seeking God” and “Trust.”  Our year-end parties for Youth Groups are on Wednesday, May 30.
  • We wrapped up our year of Sunday Breakfast Club for grades 7 and 8 with our final Kahoot Tournament. Congratulations, Blaise, Andy, and Nicholas—who answered the most questions right about Luke’s Gospel!
  • Youth Director, Silvi, (that’s me!) took two days to attend a conference about Science in Youth Ministry in Minneapolis, entitled “Jesus Rode a Dinosaur”.  Do an image search on that term and you will be amazed at the results!  She is eager to share and apply all the cool things she heard there with staff and youth.  Our world is amazing indeed and science is cool.
  • Our teens Continue to serve others in the broader community and the final off-site volunteer activity will be on Sunday, May 20, when a group of our teens will visit Grace House, the women’s residence of St. Leonard’s Ministry, which serves recently incarcerated adults. We look forward to spending time with and learning from the women we meet.
May 15, 2018

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