Kindness Rocks!

A scavenger hunt at Kenilworth Union Church

If we look around us, we will probably find a lot of little ways we can bring more kindness into the world. Think of acts of kindness rippling out like a pebble dropped into water. Our actions begin at home, then ripple out to those we love in our community, until ultimately, we are able to engage in challenging acts of kindness. Enjoy spring in the gardens at Kenilworth Union Church as you hunt for four clues that will lead you to find our kindness rocks—handmade by the Faith 234 & MSYG groups. The message on each rock inspires a new way to offer kindness.

Directions: Use the clues below to find four (4) places hidden at Kenilworth Union Church. Sign the logbook at the end and leave a kind message for other church friends. Wear your masks and keep distant from those not in your household, and have fun!

Kindness rocks are hidden on Kenilworth Union Church property. If you need extra help, peek at the extra clues. Don’t look too early, or it might spoil the fun.

Clue 1: “WALK WITH GOD”, a written reminder you’ll see, when you enter this garden of memory.

Clue 2: They fly in the sky, they fly above, what could it be? A dove? Kind words, like birds, land light as a feather. When we hear them they make us feel better!

Clue 3: The faster you pedal, the faster you go. Kind words travel far, further than you know. Go to the side, where you park your ride.

Clue 4: It is kind to offer this place to rest. Sit down, relax, afternoon shade is best.

Clue 1: “Walk With God” is written on the stone paver at the east entrance to the Memorial Garden.

Clue 2: the dove statue on the north side of the Memorial Garden.

Clue 3: the bike rack is on the west side of the main entrance into the sanctuary.

Clue 4: the stone bench is next the farthest East main entrance doors.

April 8, 2021

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