Kenilworth Union Church Tree Scavenger Hunt

By Katie Nahrwold

In honor of the Village of Kenilworth’s 125th Anniversary Heritage Tree program, we are celebrating trees and landmarks on our church property. Enjoy a scavenger hunt using clues below to identify trees and special sculptures at Kenilworth Union Church. To learn more about the Kenilworth Heritage Tree Program, how you can help celebrate the 125th Anniversary, and enjoy the Village of Kenilworth’s Heritage Tree scavenger hunt on Sunday, August 22 from 2–4 p.m. click here. 

Clue #1

I am evergreen, and shed the tiniest of cones.  Find me in the west of the property and do your best.

Answer #1

Clue #2

I am made of stone and created to express a devotion to youth and love of children. I welcome you at the church entrance.

Answer #2

Clue #3

I’m a tree of medium scale, with multiple branches and spring flowers that do not fail.   Find two of me in the west end of the Memorial Garden.

Answer #3

Clue #4

I was sculpted to represent freedom, peace and eternal life. Find me soaring in the Memorial Garden.

Answer #4

Clue #5

I am a tree whose leaves are named after a favorite spring flower. Find me in a parkway in less than a quarter hour.  

Answer #5

Posted on August 19, 2021

August 19, 2021

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