Kathy Evertsberg, South Africa, Friday, May 27

Sabi Sabi Game Reserve

Hi everyone, it’s Kathy Evertsberg. We’re sending our greetings from the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve. The lodge that we’re staying is right to my right here, and the view out behind me is what we wake up to every morning.

We’re having a fabulous time. It’s a trip of our lives. This morning we did another game drive with Bethul who was our driver, and we saw a mother cheetah and three of her cubs romping around, and we saw three mother lions with 11 cubs all together. It was one of those moments that was just spectacular.

We at the same time, it’s a little surreal being here knowing of all the things that have happened back home. As a mother of a second grade teacher myself I can only imagine the anguish of that mother down in Texas. We wish we were there to help you at this difficult time. We miss you.

The reason I mentioned Bethul was his name means house of God, and when he told us that, we instantly thought of our own house of God, which is Kenilworth Union. We look forward to our return and being with you once again, thank you.

May 27, 2022

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