Jesus Trail, VI: The Courage to Search for Truth

Will and Henry reading for communion

By The Reverend Dr. Jo Forrest

End of Jesus Trail

Communion overlooking the Sea of Galilee

The rain gear came out today as we hiked from our hotel to the church commemorating Jesus’ feeding the multitudes. We then proceeded to the place noted for his Sermon on the Mount as recorded in Matthew’s gospel. We laughed at the 2-3” of mud that accumulated on all our boots, referring to them as “Israeli Heels.”

Loading luggage to get to our hotel in the old city

Our guide knew of a remote spot (of course up a hill!) where we were sheltered by a tree as we celebrated communion.

Our time in Galilee came to an end in Capernaum once we had toured the various archeological ruins while reflecting on Jesus’ long ministry in that village.

We made a quick stop at a baptismal site along the River Jordan, remembering our own promises, on our way to the Old City of Jerusalem. The view from the top of our hotel will always be memorable as we gaze out across the rooftops to the Dome of the Rock.

Hotel rooftop in Jerusalem


Disillusionment is, literally, the loss of an illusion—about ourselves, about the world, about God—and while it is almost always a painful thing, it is never a bad thing, to lose the lies we have mistaken for the truth.  —Barbara Brown Taylor

March 30, 2019

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