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Squire Prince, Director of Youth Ministry

66 High Schoolers! 7 College Leaders! 8 Adult Leaders! 6 churches! With over 2,000+ hours of collective service! I couldn’t be more grateful for the IMPACT Mission team for the wonderful service that occurred on this year’s mission trip. Not even an insufferable heat wave could stop these wonderful missionaries from putting on a smile and extending loving arms to embrace our new friends from Puerto Rico.

We were teamed with 6 different churches that placed us in 5 different communities, doing different projects that helped the church in whatever way they needed. From Vacation Bible Schools, to painting, to home visits, to cleaning out homes, to handing out bags of food for the impoverished and the unhoused. Our missionaries were warmly embraced by everyone they came across with, and they returned this embrace with love, compassion, and service. The connections made on this trip will last a lifetime.

I want to publicly thank all our college leaders, and our adult leaders for their flexibility, their authentic leadership, and their compassion. I must admit leading a team this size for my first mission trip solo was very daunting, almost crippling with fear, but my leadership team gave all of themselves, with self-sacrificing love, and I saw Christ in every one of them in many ways.

You, the members, and friends of Kenilworth Union Church were there with us, in Spirit and for that we are grateful. Your prayers, donations, well wishes, and embraces were not in vain, and for that we are thank you. Your partnership is what helped make this trip a success, and how you allowed God to move you, made the way for us to become connected as a team, connected with our Puerto Rican friends, and more importantly more connected with God through our faith. I extend to you the IMPACT hand of fellowship! Muchas Gracias, a mi familia de Kenilworth Union Church! Dios lo Bendiga! (God Bless You)

More information about the success of the IMPACT 2023 Puerto Rico Mission Trip  can be found on  Instagram and Journal from the trip.

June 28, 2023

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