Imagined Scarcity, Abundant Reality

Three Monday Evenings in September

“Imagined Scarcity, Abundant Reality,” taught by the Reverend Dr. William A. Evertsberg, will complement the September sermon series. Each session will thematically explore the scripture from that week’s sermon and feature videos, literature, discussion, and prayer on atypical perceptions of abundance. Ami Campbell will provide relevant social science and generosity data, enriching the conversation.

Sept. 14: “Abundant Talents, Imagined Scarcity” will feature successful business owners who have capped their own income.

Sept. 21: “Abundant Hospitality, Imagined Boundaries” will discuss Israeli and Palestinian fathers whose grief has bonded them together.

Sept. 28: “Abundant Humanity, Imagined Generosity” will center on a doctor who lives on her nurse’s salary and gives the rest away.

Each session is limited to twelve participants and if possible, will be held in the Culbertson Room in a socially distanced manner at 7 p.m. Please reserve your place by contacting Karen Gaynor.

Please view the in-house event page to learn “What to Expect” when entering for an event at Kenilworth Union Church.

August 19, 2020

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