Going with the Flow


Children’s Ministry Spring Break Edition

Links to this week’s online gatherings and a parent gathering poll are below. Please save this email for future reference as we are mindful of the volume of emails you are getting. The Parenting and Faith page is being kept up to date. —Grace and Peace, Rev. Christine V. Hides

Changes in plans are hard. I had hoped to spend this break in Colorado staying with my sister’s family and taking my youngest daughter on college visits. My oldest daughter’s freshman year dorm life ended abruptly. Honestly, we are still processing these unexpected  turns of events while trying to find a new home/school/work/life routine. As always, the Holderness Family’s videos are good for a humorous reality check. I’m guessing you feel something like this, too.

I took a long walk over the weekend on the trail by my house. The entire world seemed still. I stopped on a bridge over a small stream which eventually becomes the mighty Chicago river. The rapidly flowing spring water contrasted with the stillness I sensed all around me. It reminded me that no matter where we are, even when we are asked to shelter in place, God’s love is  always flowing toward us.

Beautiful and unexpected things are happening: sidewalk chalk messages are appearing in front of the church, we are gathering together online with a new appreciation for community and sacred space, and a wedding was held on the steps of Kenilworth Union (see Thursday’s upcoming enews for the story).

Yes, spring break is going to be different. But,  let’s go with the flow. Children’s Ministry is fully online, including restarting our Faith234 youth group on Tuesday. Our hope is to maintain our routine of connecting with God and one another throughout the week. Since it is spring break, feel free to wear your beach hats to our online gatherings!

If you have a prayer request, a concern, or just need to talk, the Kenilworth Union Church staff remains available remotely. Please be in touch. Parents who would like a casual online gathering space to share and end with prayer next week, please complete this poll.

March 23, 2020

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