Fresh Era of Church Life Starts Sunday

John Sharp, Director of Operations

Enter a new season together as we gather on this Homecoming Sunday for timeless tradition and a fresh era of church life. Come for Sunday school, the sermon, and song; stay after for food, fellowship, and a bubble performer at Family Fest! Invite neighbors, friends, and family to join for any part of the day.

The livestream worship will now also be available with no advertisements at, but that’s not the only audio-visual upgrade from the past year. New equipment and monitors are making for a clearer, more intimate online experience that will also eliminate the need for a clunky boom microphone for musical offerings.

The tiny AV closet from pre-pandemic only had room for one person, but three are needed to create this world-class audio, video, and multimedia experience. With approval from the Buildings and Grounds committee, this space is becoming enhanced to help us make a meaningful presence online, in social media, and in livestreams.

During the early pandemic, online worship was the only way to pass on the word to congregants and allow them to participate in services. These upgrades will allow us to continue connecting with you well into the future. We are blessed that we can meet you wherever you are.

September 16, 2021

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