Extended Advent

Some Christians think it’s a little unfair that somber Lent gets six weeks and joyful Advent only four.  Perhaps the Church Calendar is like that because penitence takes more work than joy, and Christians need more help with it.

Still some liturgical experts are trying to rectify the imbalance between Advent and Lent by extending Advent to six weeks. 

This movement is called The Advent Project and emerged recently among a small number of Episcopalian congregations. The Advent Project points out that before the twelfth century, Advent in the Christian Church lasted seven weeks until Gregorian reform foreshortened it to four. 

We started trying this at Kenilworth Union for the first time in 2019.  Since then, some Advents here are four weeks and some are six and some are seven, depending on what the preachers are trying to accomplish homiletically.  It will be six weeks in 2023.  Here is the Advent and Christmastide schedule.

The title of the sermon series might not make much sense to you.  We’ll explain what’s going on next week.

New O Antiphons

Nov. 19Advent II: O Loud and Lavish Lover of the Awkward
Nov. 23ThanksgivingII: O Lord, Curator of Creation’s Bounty
Nov. 26Advent IIIII: O Lord Who Thought up Kangaroos & Cacti
Dec. 3Advent IIIIV: O Prince of Life, Bridegroom of the Bride
Dec. 10Advent IV; Choral MusicV: O God of Words and Music
Dec. 17Advent V; Lessons & CarolsVI: O Jesus Christ, Down in the Winter Solstice
Dec. 19Quiet ChristmasVII: O Spiller of Rain, Scatterer of Snow
Dec. 24Christmas EveVIII: O Lord of Every Path and Passageway
November 7, 2023

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