from Bill Evertsberg

If you find yourself under-challenged when planning a month-long, 7,000-mile trip to the west coast and want to test your organizational skills, add a dog to the trip and stop at many pet-uncongenial national parks.  You will have to do much research on dog-friendly hotels, dog parks near interstates to punctuate eight-hour drives, and doggy daycares near park entrances.  You will also have to drive with the windows open so the dog can check out the scenery, even though it’s 33 degrees and you’re going 80.

Captions left to right: “Sioux Falls”, “Mid-Journey, Off-the-Highway Detour to a Billings, Montana, Dog Park”, “Doug’s Doggy Day Care Home outside Yellowstone for 2 Days”, “One-On-One dog sitting from Nicky”, “Instantly Fast Friends. Treats help.”, “Jackson Hole Town Square”, “Grand Tetons “.
April 26, 2022

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