Doing What Matters

By The Reverend Christine Hides

Parents who bring their children to worship, sometimes instead of Sunday school, often look surprised when I tell them, “I’m so glad you did!” I say this with sincerity and enthusiasm because I know that research says the two most important factors influencing a child’s faith are practicing faith at home and worshiping together as a family.

Children and Family Ministries partners with parents in doing what matters in faith formation, grounded in our purpose: nurturing and guiding faithful followers of Jesus Christ who know, love, and serve God.

Using current research and best practices, we prioritize what matters in spiritual development, and we encourage parents to do the same. This is why we include a home activity in every newsletter and provide opportunities, like yesterday’s Gospel Sunday and the upcoming family chapel on February 16, to practice faith at home and worship together.

Home and family are where the foundation of faith is built. Sunday school and youth groups build on this foundation by helping kids read and engage with scripture, wonder together about big questions, and worship God in chapel.

We are deeply grateful to be able to partner with parents in the sacred responsibility of nurturing children’s spiritual development. Parents teach Sunday school, lead the Children’s Ministry committee, articulate our ministry vision and purpose, plan outreach events, and develop new initiatives like Parenting and Faith. Over the next two months we will be contacting parents and inviting you into new partnerships for the next school year. Let’s have coffee if you would like to know more about this exciting opportunity.

Activity: Discuss Worship

Talk about take-aways and windows on the way home from worship. Takeaways are things you find important to remember. Windows are something in the sermon that you need to think about with God. Learn more about children in the sanctuary in this letter to parents.

February 3, 2020

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