Daily Prayer 365

Day 125
Tuesday, January 3, 2023


If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. —1 Corinthians 13:1

My chief care should not be to find pleasure or success, health or life or money or rest or even things like virtue or wisdom—still less their opposites: pain, failure, sickness, death. But in all that happens, my one desire and my one joy should be to know “Here is the thing that God has willed for me. In this God’s love is found, and in accepting this I can give back God’s love to God and give myself with love to God. For in giving myself I shall find God, and God is life everlasting.” By consenting to God’s will with joy and doing it with gladness I have God’s love in my heart, because my will is now the same as God’s love, and I am on the way to becoming what God is, Who is Love. —Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation

I give myself to you, O God. With joy and gladness, I give myself to you. Amen. —The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

June 9, 2023

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