Daily Prayer 365

Day 268
Friday, May 25, 2023


Jesus wept. —John 11:35

My father, Gilbert Frank “Poochie” Gay, June 13, 1945–May 10, 2004, started crying on the regular right about the time he got to be forty. Who knows exactly why: his much younger brother died about this time. As did his beloved uncle. He developed diabetes. He was getting older. Who knows what else. Either way, he was changing, and he would weep at TV shows or bad movies, my brother’s wedding, the right song. Lifting his glasses to wipe his tears, as he did at the end there. I can almost picture it. His soft face kind of shining, the freckles like seeds on the surface of the soil. He might have even smiled a little bit when he cried sometimes, my father. He was falling apart, becoming his most radiant, his most needful. And little did I know, he was showing me how to do the same. —Ross Gay, Inciting Joy

Give me tears. Give me tears that express the soft and radiant peace within me. Give me tears that speak the truth. Amen. —The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

May 29, 2023

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