Civil Rights History Presentation


Dana Connell

Welcome, I’m Dana Connell and together with my wife, Laura Connell we’re the Co-Chairs of the Racial Justice Committee here at Kenilworth Union Church. Before I turn over the mic to Robin Roberts who’s going to lead the program tonight, I wanted to say thank you to several important people from Laura and me.

We’d like to start by thanking Bill and Kathy Evertsberg for your great support and participation, this trip wouldn’t have happened without the two of you.

Also like to thank Diane Rand who has been on the Racial Justice Committee since we started, just as Bill has been, about two in a half years ago. She raised her hand to help on this trip. Well the size of a trip like this involves multiple airplane seats, a bus, local resources in Alabama, and finding a guide who would be an expert on the Civil Rights Movement. I think you’ll get a sense of this tonight that Diane found all of those.

Also thank you to all that are here tonight whether you were on the trip. We really appreciate your support and look forward to sharing what we learned and what we saw.

Shared a reflection of the trip:
Peggy Radelet
Becky Knight
Becky reading Lester’s comments
Lynn Donaldson
Cam Avery
Heather Crimmins
Laura Connell read Jennifer Lind’s comments
Melinda Blake read Jean Ervasti’s comments adding a few of her own
Kathy Evertsberg
Caroline Degenaars with Dirk Degenaars thoughts added
Linda Kingman
Diane Rand with Paul Rand’s thoughts added
Susan Snyder

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November 18, 2022

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