Class of 2022—The Farewell Class

Silvi Pirn, Youth Minister Class of 2022. I love this class very much. They are my farewell class—the last group of high school seniors I will have celebrated here at Kenilworth Union Church since the mid -000s. On Sunday, May 15, 2022 we celebrated with what has...

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IMPACT 2022 Theme: Division

Silvi Pirn In 2022 through meetings and activities, the IMPACT program invites high school youth to explore the theme of Division through the lens of our Christian faith. What divides us and keeps us divided? How do we know we are divided? How might God's love show...

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Pay Attention to the Pain

https://kuc.org/wp-content/uploads/pain.jpgPHA+Jm5ic3A7PC9wPg== By Silvi Pirn Some time toward the end of last summer, I decided—or maybe it was God who decided for me—that the theme for this year’s IMPACT High School program would be “Pain.” Our high schoolers...

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