From April 13–May 30 join with other members of our community on a virtual pilgrimage from the empty tomb of Easter morning to the fire of Pentecost, discovering new meaning of the hope revealed by Jesus’ resurrection. Find out more.

Pilgrimage to Pentecost—Day 49: May 30

Third Graders Matthew 5:1–12 O Abba, Father, you share in our sorrow. You wear the pain of this life as your own. You know the cry of the earth, the cry of the poor, the cry of the oppressed, the cry of those who mourn. We ask that you might be with us, O God. That...

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Pilgrimage to Pentecost—Day 48: May 29

Beth Sawyer Romans 8:14–17 O Mercy, O Peace, O Protection, O Fierce Hope: we bow before you. We hunger and thirst for your nearness. We need your peace, we need the searing heat and refining fire of your pure vision for love, justice, kindness and humility. When we...

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Pilgrimage to Pentecost—Day 46: May 27

Easton Joyce Psalm 33:12–22 God, under whose wing we huddle, under whose banner of love we yearn to be free: see us today. See us, watch us, look upon us. Let your spirit be our help, near and trustworthy. Let your spirit be our breath, our freedom, our rest. Be...

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