Carole Read


Popovers. Perhaps you remember the popovers served warm at Indian Hill or Neiman Marcus or that Jennifer Burch would bake for our youth brunch.

Popovers are more than simple flour, water and egg would raise from a thin batter to crisp, warm vehicles for butter and jam.

Popovers are to be served hot from the oven. Take advance preparation and I’ll add finesse to know the nuances of oven and pans, and they are part of a plan to bring a smile to your face.

At first Wednesday, Carole Read was grinning from ear to ear, wanting to tell me of her bread story.

“My mother loved making popovers. She made them for birthday breakfasts and other special occasions. When I was little, one of my friends pulled me aside to say, ‘does your mom know that there are holes in these muffins?’ Our family loved them especially with lots of butter and strawberry jam.”

Later that day, I saw Carole’s daughter, Wendy Yamada and mentioned “your mom sent me a quick story.” Her response was immediate.

Her face lit up as she said, “popovers from my grandmother?”

Carole’s story highlights the impact of homemade, handmade, handed down traditions have on one’s soul. Bread from heaven, made by God and human hands, nourishes our bodies and souls.

August 25, 2019

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