Braveheart Territory, Stirling

Friday, October 4, 2019

We begin the day with a guided tour in St. John’s Kirk of Perth. Here John Knox preached the sermon which set light to the Reformation in Scotland. A short coach ride then brings us to Stirling—a city steeped in history. We hear about two of Scotland’s greatest heroes, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Stirling Castle, sitting on a volcanic crag, fortified since ancient times, provides a memorable visit.

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The Royal George Hotel
Pilgrimage to the other holy land: day 3

Jim and Ruth Wallace
Our tour guides for this trip are Jim Wallace and his daughter Ruth. Jim was a parish pastor for 27 years in the US and in the Church of Scotland until he made a career of organizing tours like this. From 2009-2015 James was pastor of the historic St. John Church in Perth. St. John’s is one of the nurseries of the Scottish Reformation because John Knox preached an early epochal reformation sermon there in 1559.

St John Church Perth
Here’s our pilgrims at Jim Wallace’s/John Knox’s Church in Perth.

John Knox’s pulpit
What self-respecting Presbyterian pastor could resist stepping into the pulpit where Knox held forth.

Bill Hart
The most Scottish gentleman in Perth on October 4th might have been an American from Wilmette.

Jamie from Outlander
Some of us were delighted with a Jaimie Fraser from Outlander sighting. Well, an ad anyway.

October 4, 2019

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