Book Drop!

Faith234 will get the opportunity to unpack and review over 40 brand new titles during their midweek group today! Once the books are sorted and labeled, children in pre-K through 6th grade will be able to choose from topics such as prayer, anxiety, religions of the world, and heroic women, to name a few. Thanks to Honor Dold’s Girl Scout Gold project and leadership of VBS last year, we were able to purchase 40+ books to augment our children’s library. We hope to make it a place that families use to find books related to God, religion, faith practice, and relationships.

Thank you to Faith234 who unpacked and reviewed some of our new books last week. Here are some of their comments:
Wells: “The best part of Sparrow’s Prayer was when the bird found his prayer. He asked a lot of friends to help him find it.”
Daniel: “Fabulous World God Made has cute bird illustrations.”
Nicholas: “Save the Planet has a lot of information.”
Chris: “Anxiety made this difficult topic clear and concise for kids.”
Willa: “I am a Kindness Hero has random acts of kindness and someone who speaks up to a bully.”

Please avail yourself of our Children’s Ministry Library located by the entrance to Schmidt Chapel. Simply write your name on the clipboard to take a book home!

Families received ashes and enjoyed a casual soup dinner following Ash Wednesday worship.

Ash Wednesday family worship was led by Christine Hides, with participation from Associate Youth Director, Squire Prince, and a few youth readers. This usually somber time of worship was brightened by the youthful energy that children bring to the sanctuary. Christine Hides and Squire Prince imposed ashes, stating “from love you came and to love you shall return,” a reminder of God’s abiding love.

Attendees of the midweek youth groups were keen not to be robbed of their game time, so we closed out the evening with their favorite game, “catacombs.” Parents were welcome to join in the fun! Thank you to Children’s Committee Member, Melanie Earle, for making the dinner possible.

Holy Moments During Lent

Families at the Ash Wednesday dinner and children who were at Sunday school on February 26 also received “Holy Moments” cards, which invite families to take a few minutes around the table each week to share during the 40 days of Lent. If your family hasn’t received cards but would like to, please contact Greta Connor.

March 1, 2023

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