Bev Kirk

This bread story starts with apple crisp. At Washburne many many years ago I taught Cooking to sixth graders. We first made “toasty cheese yums”. Our second lesson was apple crisp. I might be the only person who remembers there were apple trees out in front of Washburne. We picked the apples and we made apple crisp and I sent the recipe home. Always on a Monday a joyous sixth grader would report that they had gone apple picking and they had made apple crisp for their family and their family had loved it so much they had to make it again. I always have thought, “you know in Winnetka in this era kids are not of much economic importance to their families. Someone else is hired to mow the lawn and someone else is hired to clean the house. Kids chores are random and not vitally important. But if you cook for your family…. If you make yummy apple crisp you are so awesome and important!”

Oh yes bread! I also taught those little sixth graders how to make yeast bread! I named it “ET phone home bread” because it was so delicious ET would definitely phone home for it. The best part was kneading the dough! The directions I found said “Knead the dough until it feels like an earlobe!” Are you all feeling your earlobes? Yes the bread was delicious and ET would have phoned home. And every sixth grader at Washburne was now more talented at making yeast bread than most of their parents.

September 8, 2019

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