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Thank you to all the volunteer liaisons that have committed! As of December 1 we are in need of one volunteer for SamaraCare Counseling and one volunteer for The Cradle. Contact Mike Revord to sign up.

We are still in need of 10 more volunteers to serve as liaisons to 7 of our Outreach agencies. Being an agency liaison is not a big time commitment, but it is critical to our process of awarding grants to these agencies. Agencies still needing a liaison are: Casa Central, Bottom Line Chicago, Haven, The Cradle, Northwestern Settlement, Youth Guidance, and SamaraCare Counseling. For more information, please contact Mike Revord.

Over 70 members of the congregation serve as liaisons to the not-for-profit agencies that apply for grants from the Kenilworth Union Outreach Fund. Liaisons are a critical link between the Outreach Committee and these agencies, both ensuring the Outreach Committee is fully informed about the agency’s leadership, programs, financial condition, and volunteer opportunities, as well as advocating for the agency. This year we are seeking at least 15 new liaisons, each of whom will have a co-liaison to partner with in service to the agency. If you are interested in serving as a liaison, please contact Mike Revord.

October 19, 2021

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