Have you ever enjoyed a fruit sandwich? Not a tomato sandwich (which is a fruit) but a sandwich filled with actual fruit. I have.

A few weeks ago when hiking across Scotland and northern England it was standard practice for the proprietor of the B&B where we had stayed the night to pack us a lunch for the following day as in most cases there was nowhere to buy food on our onward journey.

The very first day of our hike the B&B proprietor asked us what we would like in our sandwiches.

Each of us had different requests but when he presented our lunches he told us he had packed “a little something extra” for us.

After some nine miles of hiking we were tired and decided it was an opportune time to stop and have lunch.

Our sandwiches were made with a most delicious bread and each was made just the way we had each requested it. We then looked to see what the ‘special surprise’ was.

It turned out to be another sandwich but this was different in that the bread was from a round loaf and smelled more oaty.

And it was filled with fresh strawberries with a little cream instead of butter.

It was one of the most delicious sandwiches we had ever had. Never had we thought of putting actual fruit between two slices of bread but out in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the hills of Scotland nothing could have tasted more enchanting.

Bread and strawberries.

We know where it came from.

August 13, 2019

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