A “Wow, God!” kinda Sunday

By The Reverend Christine V. Hides

We have an uptick in visiting families! Can you offer 30 minutes on a Sunday morning? We need greeters to warmly welcome visitors and guide them to their classrooms. Your hospitality is most appreciated. Please click here to access the sign up sheet; use the “greeter” tab. 

Yesterday was a “Wow, God!” kinda Sunday. Our middle school youth excitedly began building the fishing boat and well for the habitat. Fourth graders began a new Picturing God project that nicely complements the Elemental Spirits worship series. One of your young people said afterward, “that gave me a lot to think about!”

Today in Schmidt Chapel we engaged with the same scripture as in worship, the parable of the wise and foolish builders found in Matthew 7. Chapel prayer requests included koalas, equal rights for all people, healing for those who are sick, and shelter for those who are homeless. During “cookie time” in the Culbertson Room, one of our preschoolers proudly shared their drawing of the Good Shepherd with me. “I love God,” they said earnestly. “Me, too!” My heart sang all the way home.

It is hard to put into words all of the little holy moments that happen on a Sunday morning. The experience is both very similar to and very different from Sunday school as you and I might have experienced. While we no longer use flannel boards or attendance charts, the purpose of Sunday school remains unchanged: “to nurture and guide faithful Christians who know, love, and serve God and neighbor.” Sunday school is one of the ways we live into the promises our congregation makes at every baptism. Each Sunday our young people meet God in scripture, prayer, worship, and their classroom communities.

Over the last three years, the Children and Family Ministry Team has been prayerfully articulating a vision which continues to embrace the rich traditions of Kenilworth Union Church, including the Habitat Project and the third grade Bible year, while creating innovative and engaging new opportunities to grow in faith.  Please read the Children and Family Ministry January report to trustees to learn more about our goals and our progress.

January 20, 2020

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