A Letter from Our New Mental Health Liaison!

Hello Kenilworth Union parents! My name is Sarah Hill, and earlier this month, I was appointed a new role of Mental Health Liaison by the Allison Tobey Smart Memorial Fund Committee.

Having grown up at Kenilworth Union attending Sunday school, youth group, and choir, I hold many fond memories. These experiences and the relationships I built at church played a significant role in my identity formation and faith. Since junior high and high school, I went to college and began to seek help for mental health challenges that had begun during the transition to high school. After a series of life-changing experiences, I made the decision to apply for a master’s programs in Counseling Psychology. Fast forward to present day, I have been practicing as a licensed therapist for nearly ten years, earned my certification as an eating disorder specialist, and have gained a wealth of experience working with adolescents and adults dealing with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, OCD, and a variety of other mental health concerns.

As the Mental Health Liaison for the church youth and families, I will be getting to know your kids. Just like Sarah, Squire, and the volunteer leaders, my priority is to listen to and accept them, just as my leaders did for me back when I was in youth group. I am not going to show up to JYG or IMPACT meetings to become their therapist or make mental health the ONLY thing that I am interested in talking about. However I will be introducing important topics on mental health that are relevant to teens and youth and leading discussions about how to better understand our own mental health, take care of it, ask for help. Not only are these skills essential to survive the adolescent years, but also to thrive.

My faith journey and relationship with God played a significant role in my own healing, and I believe it was a protective factor in preventing things from getting worse when they easily could have. While everyone has their own process with faith and mental health, I believe that church is a natural place to be exploring these topics together.

In addition to my presence at several JYG and IMPACT meetings, I will also serve as a point person for youth and parents. If you or your kids need help navigating a mental health challenge, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I may be able to provide referrals, offer insights on specific mental health concerns, or share information about treatment programs.

If you have any questions, you can reach me at or at info@alliumcounseling.com, or you can come find me after church, JYG, or IMPACT meetings. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your kids’ lives. I am excited about what is to come this school year!

Sarah Hill

October 16, 2023

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