A Just Harvest Award


Next time you’re in the Kenilworth Union library, take a look at the beautiful stained-glass plaque that honors our long-standing relationship with A Just Harvest, one of our outreach agencies. The Winston Garnett and Mary Byrd Award for Service is given yearly to partners of A Just Harvest, and Kenilworth Union was fortunate to receive this one a few years ago. Since its founding as the Good News Soup Kitchen in 1983, A Just Harvest has been serving dinner 365 days a year to patrons who come from throughout the city. They do this by partnering with organizations and congregations such as ours who commit to supplying and serving one meal every month. Contact Michael Petersen or Judy Pettas Wood to learn more about this very rewarding volunteer opportunity, or Betsy Moerschel if you’d like to schedule a visit to A Just Harvest.

March 2, 2020

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