A Big Thanks to WINGS

By Vivian Vahlberg

Kenilworth Union Church’s partnership with WINGS, the largest provider of domestic violence services in Illinois, turned out to be a great win-win not only for WINGS but for scores of church families.

WINGS, one of the Church’s Outreach agencies, offered to the Church to do contactless pickup of clothing and linens from North Shore homes in early May. The Church publicized the opportunity to members and to partisans of the Church’s annual Rummage Sale, which had to be cancelled this year because of COVID-19.  What started out as a two-day charitable donations pickup turned into a six-day marathon for WINGS, as more than 100 grateful households took WINGS up on the opportunity.

So not only did WINGS get truck-loads of nice clothing and other goods to help women and families in its domestic violence shelters, but lots of families got to donate to a good cause goods that they had saved for Rummage and no longer had any way to dispose of.

Adding to the win-win was that one of those 100-plus households expressed its gratitude with an unsolicited, unexpected $1,000 donation to WINGS.

So good things happen even in difficult times.

Posted on May 11, 2020

May 11, 2020

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