A story from Bill Davis about the bread made by his wife Judy:

Judy was a wonderful hostess. She loved to entertain small groups for dinner or cocktails and good conversation. But she was probably a better guest. Her housewarming gift any time we were invited to someone¹s home was a loaf of fresh baked bread. She made several types, but the favorites of friend and family were her pumpkin, strawberry, zucchini, and sesame seed breads. I loved her baking, too—Bill adds—but she stopped baking just for the two of us due to the impact on my waist, a terrible adjustment for me! I have received so many comments from people who will miss her smile, listening skills, deep friendship, but most of all her bread. She baked for several days in December to give out loaves to so many friends for the holidays. It was clearly her specialty and it differentiated her from most, who would pull a bottle of wine out of the cellar as a gift, as she spent a lot of time and gave a lot of love to her work. Her bread was her way of showing that she really cared about someone.