Sarah Champlin

IMPACT Costa Rica 2024

Sarah ChamplinMinister of Youth, Young Adults, and Mission IMPACT Mission Trip 2024 is underway! If you missed our big reveal a couple weeks ago, allow me to break the news: we are heading to Costa Rica from June 15–22, 2024! Nestled between Panama and Nicaragua,...

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Sarapiqui River Waterfall in Cosa Rica

Prayers of the People November 26, 2023

Sarah ChamplinMinister of Youth, Young Adults, and Mission Good and gracious God who gives us the breath in our lungs,We thank you for the miraculous gift of life.Heaven and earth are truly full of your glory.The birds of the air and the fish of the sea sing the...

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In Costa Rica we are all connected

If you’re interested in learning more or signing up for the trip, please check out our Mission Trip page: Trip Info and Registration Sarah ChamplinMinister of Youth, Young Adults, and Mission It’s official: The 2024 IMPACT team is heading to Costa Rica for our...

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The Great Prayer November 5, 2023

We grieve for those empty chairs, but know that in Christ, our separation is only temporary. Therefore, we praise you, joining our voices with angels, prophets, and martyrs, and with that great multitude of the faithful of every time and place, who rejoice in your name. Unite us at the table of our Lord with the saints of our own fellowship who have passed into your eternal care. We remember their witness:

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Knowing God Through Our Senses!

At Breakfast Club, we recently wrapped up our series on knowing God through our five senses. We saw God through a camera lens as we practiced photography. We heard God through listening for God’s voice in prayer.

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Picture of Youth Sunday Breakfast Club

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