By The Reverend Dr. Jo Forrest

Imagine if I were to give you a six-week escape to step back and detox, or straighten your drive and focus your putt, or help you develop a healthy new habit. How strong might you become? With patience and this expanse of time, you would let go of old habits and at the same time embrace new possibilities.

You have such an offer before you. Next week, we begin the six-week path of Lent.

Consider this a soul-cleansing journey.

We begin on Ash Wednesday by acknowledging our human frailty, aware that one day we will die. Rather than be repulsed let this stimulate us to live a life we are proud to hand back to God.

Here is something new this year. We are providing a curated collection of poetry and prayers to guide our journey.  Stay with me…I am a novice with poetry and know some of you may be rolling your eyes. I find them to be approachable and honest about life. You can easily read them on your smartphone.

More than that, we also invite you into conversations. In small groups, it will be safe to ask questions, and lament this journey of Lent. We can encourage each other and affirm what it is like to follow Jesus in this twenty-first century world.

Between Ash Wednesday and Easter, get serious to scrub clean any debris of regret. Lay down the burdens that keep you from walking lightly and lovingly. Allow the spirit to fill you with hope so that no matter what happens, you know in your bones that God holds onto your precious life.

Lenten Blogs