On Sunday, September 25 immediately following the 10 a.m. Worship, join us in the Sanctuary for the Annual Meeting. We will recognize retiring trustees, elect new trustees and officers, hear about the state of the Church, and set goals for the upcoming year. We are self-governing, and all Church members and friends are encouraged to attend this yearly meeting. A quorum of 50 adult members is needed. If you are unable to participate in person, please help elect new trustees and officers by submitting the online proxy below or if you prefer, print the this copy and drop it at church/or email /or mail to: Kenilworth Union Church Proxy, 211 Kenilworth Avenue, Kenilworth IL 60043 before Sunday, September 25, 2022 at noon.

2022 Annual Meeting Proxy


The undersigned hereby appoints Meg Revord as his/her/their attorney-in-fact and proxy to vote at the 2022 Annual Meeting of Kenilworth Union Church as follows:

1. To elect the following nominees to terms as Regular Members of the Board of Trustees:

Returning to Board from Executive Committee

Ken Harris (completing final two years of Scott Fowkes’ 1st 3-year term)

Standing for 2nd 3-Year Term

Jerry James

Standing for 1st 3-Year Term

Sarah Alshouse
Jim Boyle
Melanie Flynn
Elizabeth Newton
Mike Revord
Jeff Urban

Please chose one(Required)

2. To elect the following nominees to terms as Officers of the Board of Trustees:

Meg Revord - Past President, 1st 1-year term (appointed per Bylaws)
Peter Schaff – President, 1st 1-year term
Scott Fowkes – Vice President, 1st 1-year term
King Poor – Secretary, 2nd 1-year term
Tina Dalman Roselli – General Counsel, 1st 2-year term
(Note: David Crossgrove will serve the 2nd year of his 2nd 2-year term as Treasurer)

Please chose one(Required)
The proxy will be voted 1) as specified on the matters above, 2) in favor on those matters above for which no specification is made, and 3) in the discretion of Ms. Revord on any other matter properly coming before the meeting.
You must be a member to cast your vote, thank you. Please press the submit button to cast your vote.