By Silvi Pirn

Anxiety is very real issue in this self-proclaimed high-pressure community. It affects us all and I often wonder whether we can help “make it better” for everyone. To that end I have chosen to screen the documentary,  Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety, as part of this years IMPACT theme of “transformation”. When I previewed this film in the fall, I knew it was something our community needed to see and talk about.

Part of the beauty of this film is the openness of the children and young adults featured; for some of them, the Angst project marks the first time they are publicly sharing their experiences with anxiety. Their candidness and bravery will inspire our community to do the same.

The film also inspires hope. We can understand each other better. We can support one another in the midst of our greatest fears. We can be gentle with one another, love one another, accept one another in ways that could even transform this community and those of us who suffer from anxiety. Youth supporting youth, adults supporting adults, and everyone being a measure gentler with each other.

On Sunday, February 24 from 7–8:30 p.m., Kenilworth Union Church will hold a special screening of this important film, along with follow up discussions in a small-group format.

Teens and adults are invited. I, along with IMPACT leaders, will host the youth viewing and discussion. The Alison Tobey Smart Memorial Fund is generously helping underwrite this screening and along with church staff will help host the adult viewing and discussion. This event is a required for IMPACT participants but open to the public.

In order to assure enough seating,
we ask that adults who plan to attend the screening to please RSVP by clicking here.

My hope and prayer is that it opens our eyes and sparks vulnerable and courageous conversation about anxiety in our community, in our homes, and in ourselves.

I hope to see you there.