Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Katie Snipes Lancaster

Although I have much to write to you,
I would rather not use paper and ink;
instead I hope to come to you and talk with you face to face,
so that our joy may be complete.
2 John 1:2

A Look at Joy
The true self is a good place to start in the practice of learning to love ourselves. Our true self is patently lovable…. When you find yourself moved by compassion for those who are in need, your true self is manifesting itself.

When you recognize a moment of honesty and sincerity as you long to know the truth about yourself or about anything else in life, that is the real you. Being overwhelmed by gratitude for all the gifts and graces in your life is something that wells up from your very being. All those moments when you inexplicably acted with courage and uncharacteristic bravery, that also was an impulse that came from something very deep in you.

If you have ever experienced the quiet joy of sidelining your ego by doing something for others without any reward, without being thanked, and without anyone even knowing about it, then you are in touch with your true self. And when you are swept away by wonder and awe, you are allowing your true self to take over.

These and other similar experiences are often identified as manifestations of the Holy Spirt, or as God’s grace at work within us. That is true and it is important to recognize that God dwells in us and that God is closer to us than we are to ourselves.

(Albert Nolan, Jesus Today: A Spirituality of Radical Freedom, 2006, Orbis Books, p. 156.)

We are overwhelmed by gratitude, O True Spirit,
for within, we know the quiet joy of your presence,
and are swept away by wonder and awe.
Be with us anew. Amen.