The Conversation No One Else Is Having

Thursday, October 11 at 7 p.m. in the Culbertson Room

One can hardly read a story online, turn on the news or scan the headlines without reading a harrowing tale of a family fighting to help a child with an addiction—or the unimaginable—laying one to rest. The opioid epidemic is not something that only affects “other” families that live far away or those that are “nothing like us”. The horrible reality of this crisis is that it is here in our community and could affect any of us if we do not educate ourselves to protect our families from the potential risks.

Parents may think: that could never be my child—he is a good kid, she’s a smart student, or an athlete with a supportive family and community. The truth is that a routine wisdom tooth extraction or an injury on the playing field could expose your child to powerful drugs that, while intended to heal, can open the door to a destructive path.

Kenilworth Union’s Alison Tobey Smart Memorial Fund is hosting an important forum that should not be missed.

Raising a Healthy Teen in an Opioid World on Thursday, October 11 at 7 p.m. is meant for students, parents and community members. The format will be a panel discussion with four experts with unique perspectives addressing the prevalence of opioids; how addiction is affecting families on the North Shore; how law enforcement can inform smart parenting; and what role opioids play in youth sports medicine. The event is being co-sponsored by Adult Education.

The panel will include:

Jim Davis is a staff and student wellness director at New Trier High School as well as being an athlete, artist, poet, writer, and founder of The Good Athlete Project.

Marsha Pesavento is a Northshore mom who has lived the nightmare of addiction following her son Joey’s sports injury.

Police Chief Brian King has worked in our community for many years and was on the front lines of the law enforcement effort and is keenly aware of the opioid epidemic facing our communities.

Jim DeFrancesco is Loyola University’s world-renowned expert on opioid access and distribution. He was featured in last year’s Loyola University marketing department profile.

This informative discussion about raising a healthy teen in a world that treats pain with pain killers is meant for parents and teens. Our robust panel will discuss this epidemic and how it is impacting families of the North Shore. Please bring your questions and experience and join us for a thought-provoking evening with community members and experts. Please contact Ann Harvey for more information.