The Reverend Dr. William A. Evertsberg

The inspiration for our Lenten Sermon Series at Kenilworth Union comes from Paul Anthony Jones’ The Cabinet of Calm: Soothing Words for Troubled Times (2020), where  this British author compiles 51 mostly extinct English words that for various reasons faded from our common vocabulary over the centuries, but which might nonetheless speak a word of peace to us in chaotic times if we raise them from the dead.

Cabinet of Colloquial Curiosities:
Rare Words for Troubled Times

Feb. 28 John 1:43–51 Zenobia: When You Feel Like an Imposter
Mar. 7 John 4:1–42 Druery: When a Relationship Fails
Mar. 14 John 5:1–9 Aphercotropism: When Obstacles Impede
Mar. 21 John 12:20–33 Respair: When You’re Desperate
Mar. 28 John 11:28–57
John 12:12–19
Dolorifuge: When Sadness Overwhelms
Apr. 1 John 18 and 19 Interfulgent: When Hope Is Almost Gone
Apr. 4 John 20:1–8 Eucatastrophe: When Death Is Winning