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Youth Sunday Invitation

Livestream Worship at 9:30 a.m., Worship in the Sanctuary at 10:30 a.m. (for families of high school seniors and Junior Bell Choir only please), and Outdoor Worship in the Memorial Garden at 1 p.m.


A collection of newsletters from Christine V. Hides with tips of well-being for re-entering the new normal.

Immeasurably Immersed

This daily devotional will explore ancient, tangible, relatable, spiritual practices that deepen our openness in and to the presence of God.

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Preview of the Week

  1. 5/18

    Immeasurably Immersed Daily Devotional

    Tue, May 18, 5:00am
  2. 5/18

    Mid-Day Prayer

    Tue, May 18, 12:15pm
    Livestream and In-House
  3. 5/18

    Junior Bell Choir I Rehearsal

    Tue, May 18, 3:15pm
  4. 5/18


    Tue, May 18, 4:00pm
    Warwick Manse Front Yard
  5. 5/18

    Junior Bell Choir II Rehearsal

    Tue, May 18, 4:30pm
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