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Immeasurably Immersed

This daily devotional will explore ancient, tangible, relatable, spiritual practices that deepen our openness in and to the presence of God.

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Preview of the Week

  1. 4/16

    Immeasurably Immersed Daily Devotional

    Fri, April 16, 5:00am
  2. 4/17

    Immeasurably Immersed Daily Devotional

    Sat, April 17, 5:00am
  3. 4/18

    Immeasurably Immersed Daily Devotional

    Sun, April 18, 5:00am
  4. 4/18

    Outdoor Worship

    Sun, April 18, 8:30am
    Memorial Garden
  5. 4/18

    Online Family Chapel with Godly Play

    Sun, April 18, 9:00am
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